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Gapon Palette

  • Creation of business cards design
  • Logo creation

Lidia Gapon
is a professional graphic artist
in the Dnepr, Ukraine.

Live graphics - this is the main feature of Lydia. She personifies an excellent painting using exclusively natural colors. While our life is becoming more and more filled with machines and technologies, Lidia's work remains authentic & unique.

My task was to create for her a brand name, slogan, logo and business cards. It was easy, since her works was inspired me by its lightness and naturalness.

Corporate identity design

Dnepr, Ukraine

We can be far apart. But this is not an obstacle to the creation of strong cooperation.

Email: iam@philipsolodovnyk.com

Be resolve! Questions are free.

Call directly in Viber or Telegram:

+38 068 669 21 21

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